Money Order Direct

  From Toil Software DBA


  • MOD takes security to a whole new level utilizing Secure Socket Layer 2.0 technology. This same security measure is used by financial institutions and e-comerce websites.
  •  All of MOD's internet traffic is routed using this SSL 128-bit encryption.
  • Our servers are hosted in a secure data center utilizing conventional anti-malware & anti-virus.

The customer-facing verification utility uses code opotimzed to resist SQL-Injection attacks.

Access Controls

  • Prevent Unauthorized modifications to your data by a 4-tiers of user restrictions. 
  • Allow some users full access while limiting others. 
  • Having two separate clients ensures even if an admin-level username is compromised, the system cannot be accessed without also having physical access to an admin client. 
  • User access level can be adjusted quickly and easily in the admin-client and are completely optional to use.


Data Integrety & Backup

  • While there is no way to be 100% protected; MOD servers redundantly store all of your data, so even if the database is lost on one machine, there is another with your data intact.  
  • Customer databases are backed up frequently and stored in redundant on and off-site storage.  
  • All of this occurs automatically, free of charge.

Hardware Compatability

  • Money Order Direct is uniue in it's ability to print on any size or type of paper. 
  • Currently, we support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, & Windows 8.
  • 5mb available hard drive space.


  • Money Order Direct comes ready with pre-loaded reports for common queries including sales, current float, and cleared data. 
  • All of MOD's reports can be exported to excel as a .csv file for further manipulation
  • Reports can even be scheduled to be delievered to you e-mail at specific intervals. 



  • Keep tabs on your employee's activity with the built-in Alerts functionality. 
  • Enable alerts to display on-screen messages to users when specific paramaters or "triggers" are met. 
  • You may also send silent e-mail messages to administrators if these same or other triggers are activated at any of your stores. 

Fee Structure

  • If your company offers money orders at varying price points, we've already got you covered with store-specific fee tiers. 
  • Set different fee schedules for each store within your company right from the admin control panel.
  • If you sell money orders always for the same price, or for no fee at all; we can handle that too.

Front-End GUI

  • The front-end Graphical User Interface was designed to take up only a small amount of your user's screen. 
  • The GUI will shrink buttons and hide details as you make it's window smaller, all automatically. 
  • The GUI allows your users quick access to their most commonly used functions.
  • The "Quick Create" functionality allows effortless money order creaton without the need for verification boxes, or lengthy interaction. 

Cloud-Based Storage

  • Never worry again about what happens to your data when a computer crashes.  All of MOD's data is saved remotely on our secure severs.  Every piece of the transaction detail, and even the software settings are stored off-site. 
  • The only piece of information stored on your computers is your Terminal ID, and your license key. 
  • You can be back up and running in minutes instead of hours. 


  • Security
  • Access Controls
  • Data Integrety & Backup
  • Hardware Compatability
  • Reporting
  • Alerts
  • Fee Structure
  • Front-End GUI
  • Cloud-Based Storage