Money Order Direct

  From Toil Software DBA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What operating systems does Money Order Direct support?

A. Windows XP,Vista,7 (32 or 64 bit)


Q. Will Money Order Direct run on my Mac?

A. MOD will only operate on windows operating systems.  However, you can operate MOD if running windows on your Macintosh hardware, or in parallels. 


Q. What are the prerequisites before I can run MOD on my computer.

A. MOD requires .Net 4.0 and SQL Server Compact 4.0 to be installed on each computer. These programs can be downloaded and installed for free from Microsoft, links are provided below:

.Net 4.0   download

SQL Server Compact 4.0 download

We also recommend that you obtain the latest windows updates from Microsoft. 


Q. Is the information I transmit encrypted?

A. Yes, all transmissions between MOD clients and our servers utilize a 256bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. 


Q. What happens if the servers go down, am I unable to print money orders?

A. No, our servers have failover protection that allows an alternate server to automatically take over in the event of a failure. 

In the case of a catastrophe where all servers are down, there is an offline processing mode built into MOD that will allow an authenticated user to still create money orders without a connection.  These records are later synced and validated into the database.


Q. Am I protected from data loss?

A. While there is no way to be 100% protected; MOD servers redundantly store all of your data, so even if the database is lost on one machine, there is another with your data intact.  Customer databases are backed up frequently and stored in redundant on and off-site storage.  All of this occurs automatically, free of charge.


Q. What language is Money Order Direct written in? 

A. MOD was developed using .Net 4.0, ASP . Net, and SQL Server 2008 R2.


Q. What printers does Money Order Direct support?

A. MOD provides official support for two printers:

Okidata 320 Turbo

HP LaserJet 2055dn

MOD can print to any printer that utilizes the standard Microsoft Windows API, however we recommend using our officially supported devices. 


Q. How can I find out more about MOD or participate in a product demonstration?

A. Please drop us a line through our “Contact Us” page.  We’d love to hear from you.