Money Order Direct

  From Toil Software DBA

About the Company:

     Toil Software, a DBA of Solution Capacity LLC. (origionally Laroche-Malik Companies LLC.) began in April 2013. Toil Software was opened to meet the growing demand for specialized small business applications. After years of dealing with upset employees and inefficient operating procedures, we quickly recognized t here was a market for a company that was able to investigate, research, and develop solutions to daily computer problems for small businesses.
      Our primary goal is as strait forward as it gets: to save you money, time, or resources. Our solutions aim to reduce human error, redundant tasks, and an inferior product. We work with our customers to find a resolution that saves in the long run. In short, you prioritize, we optimize. Whether that be the way you track payroll, enter data, or communicate with your employees. We can help.
          Money Order Direct (MOD) project began in 2011 and is in continued development. MOD was designed as an answer to the frustration and inefficiency of businesses who print their own money orders. MOD was licensed in its conception year by American Money Order Company, operated by BCV Holdings LLC. as an upgraded software solution for their money order business.